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Tokio Hotel Talk About Their New Album “Kings of Suburbia”: And We Were There Live

Find out here what Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav revealed to us during a press conference in regards to tomorrow morning’s release of their much anticipated 4th album “Kings of Suburbia”.
Tokio Hotel Live at the Press Conference for their New LP “Kings of Suburbia”.

Tuesday, October 2nd 2014
A huge mob of frenzied reporters, camera teams and excited fans waited at noon today outside “Babylon”, a historical cinema in Berlin Mitte, for the press conference (which we live-tweeted) of the band that’s broken all records in Germany: Tokio Hotel. Tomorrow, on 3. October 2014, the Day of German Unity [holiday], Bill, Georg, Gustav and Tom will be releasing their fourth album “Kings of Suburbia”, an album fans have been waiting for ever since the release of its forerunner “Humanoid” five years ago. This break was by no means a case of creative musicians’ block, and several of the songs on the new LP were put to paper during this very period.

>Tokio Hotel are back with a new album.

Above all, their distance from the crazy German media hype surrounding them seems to have done Bill and Tom well. The two appeared deeply thrilled at the press conference and explained that their stay in the States has given them power, inspiration and creativity. Over the past few years, the focus shifted from the band’s music to the private lives of its individual members, which is what moved the brothers to once again get in gear and summon up some new energy. There’s no specific reason why Bill and Tom chose Los Angeles as their home. “The weather is awesome and we like the California lifestyle,” commented Bill. However, Berlin, for example, they find much more exciting, and Bill and Tom have missed German virtues such as punctuality and reliability (but perhaps more so German food, above all things “sensible bread”, as the boys said).

>The boys shock listeners with the cover of their new single.

Despite the distance of Georg and Gustav it is readily noticeable that Tokio Hotel still is or has perhaps just now once again become one heart and soul. “We have a kind of energy that comes out when we’re all together,” Bill said. And this energy has already revealed itself in the new album “Kings of Suburbia” in their newly-released singles “Run Run Run,” “Girl Got A Gun” and “Love Who Loves You Back”, which feature a large spectrum of different styles and emotions, from emotional and authentic to crazy, creative and even megasexy – as we saw in the music video for “Love Who Loves You Back”, in which Bill indulges himself in an orgy with men, woman (and really anything on two legs). The track and clip (which itself was inspired by the final scene of “Das Parfüm”), relays what the boys find a particularly important message: “Love who you want,” as Bill Kaulitz says. Whether woman or man, heavy or thin, young or old, black or white: Love knows no boundaries for the boys of Tokio Hotel. Does that mean they’ve each already found a great love? That’s the “biggest challenge of all” (Bill) for the boys of Tokio Hotel, which doesn’t mean it’s any easier for other people to enter into a committed relationship with someone, as Tom elaborated.

It is already quite certain that “King of Kings will be a gigantic success. In its pre-ordering week alone, the downloads from iTunes rocketed the album right up to the Top 10 list in 25 countries; not to mention “Run Run Run” is currently included among the 10 most downloaded tracks in more than 25 countries. Our excitement levels in this case are ginormous. Yours too? Then how about clicking through our gallery of the best shots from the Tokio Hotel press conference in Berlin!

Translation by Maria Athena 

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