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Tokio Hotel:

This tour was everything! We’ll keep it in our hearts forever! Thanks for the love ❤️

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Bill Kaulitz:

look who is finally back with me ❤❤❤

The End – No words, just love ❤️ Thank you all. I’ll never forget this #dreammachinetour



no sleep in #russia #tiredaf 🌈

Wingo 600.000$ 💰💰

strike a pose #bathrooms


tour life – somewhere in #russia

tinder profile pic? #backontheroad #dreammachinetour


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Other videos

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Georg Listing:

Thank you for flying with #dreammachine This was an unforgettable journey!#tobecontinued #loveyou

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another video… and another, and another


Gustav Schäfer:

#tourlife #tourlove thank you all!😘

Natalie Franz:

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