A Guide with Tips & Tricks for Purchasing Treehouse VIPs

VIP packages for Tokio Hotel’s North American tour go on sale this Wednesday at 9am PT / 12pm ET. Here are some helpful tips for purchasing VIP tickets with Treehouse Ticketing if this is your first time!

Dream Machine Canada

Hello Canadian Tokio Hotel fans. I am super excited to have Tokio Hotel play 4 shows in our wonderful country! I honestly never thought they’d come back so it’s a very welcome surprise! I’ve never had the chance to see them live in Canada. I was only 13 the last time they were here and I lived in the shittiest province in Canada, Nofunswick (sorry not sorry). It was too far for me to travel at 13. Now, I’m able to finally see them live in my own country! I had the fortunate opportunity of seeing Dream Machine Part One in both London & Brussels and getting Humanoid + Scream Packages for the shows.

Many of you may be familiar with having a VIP package, if you purchased one for the Feel It All Tour 2015 in the US. Adventures in Wonderland, the company we bought those from made the…

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