Upcoming Events

Here is what’s to come / Voici ce qui s’en vient:



March 2017:

March 03: Release of new album ‘Dream Machine’
March 12: London, United Kingdom
March 13: Brussels, Belgium
March 15: Hamburg, Germany
March 16: Frankfurt, Germany
March 18: Nijmegen, Netherlands
March 19: Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 21: Paris, France
March 22: Lyon, France
March 24: Cologne, Germany
March 25: Stuttgart, Germany
March 27: Zurich, Switzerland
March 28: Milan, Italy
March 29: Rome, Italy
March 31: Munich, Germany + Georg’s birthday

April 2017:

April 01: Leipzig, Germany
April 03: Prague, Czech Republic
April 04: Berlin, Germany
April 06: Stockholm, Sweden
April 07: Oslo, Norway
April 09: Helsinki, Finland
April 10: Riga, Latvia
April 12: Warsaw, Poland
April 19: Novosibirsk, Russia
April 21: Ekaterinburg, Russia
April 22: Ufa, Russia
April 23: Kazan, Russia
April 25: St. Petersburg, Russia
April 26: Moscow, Russia
April 28: Voronezh, Russia
April 29: Krasnodar, Russia

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